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Easily collaborate with staff to complete essential vetting checks, recorded and updated in one digital record.
Checked. Safe. Ready.
Essential vetting checks, recorded and updated in one digital record.
Checked. Safe. Ready.
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Web App Features
Simplifying safer recruitment for every organisation

Everything.....in ONE place
Integrate all your processes into the Safeguard-Me web app, including DBS and reference applications, streamlining the onboarding and management process.
Simple, Step by Step Compliance
Our easy to use, helpful hints, guide you through safer recruitment legislation, whilst ensuring you remain GDPR compliant at all times.
Work together
Collaborate with new employees via the mobile app or import their completed passport from a Safeguard-Me registered organisation, avoiding duplication.
Save Time and Money
Set automated alerts for when checks need updating or renewing. Eliminate paper and storage, reducing cost and administrative burden, whilst increasing efficiency.
Secure, transparent and accountable
Allow multiple users to access your securely stored data from anywhere, view audit logs, set KPIs and run management reports for monitoring and inspection.
Peace of Mind
The RAG traffic light system allows you to identify risk and prioritise action. Deter, identify and reject unsuitable individuals on the spot.
Get onboard
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The future of safer recruitment...in 90 seconds!
A simple to use, scalable solution, for any size organisation that prioritises the safety and welfare of all children.
Keep staff fully involved in the vetting process, working with you to simplify and speed up checks.

Give them full access to all their data and their very own Safeguard-Me Passport.
The little passport full of
BIG data
The little passport full of
Mobile App Features
Take control of your personal data, track your progress and demonstrate your suitability.
Better together
Work with your employer to complete your vetting checks quicker. Upload your documents, sign forms, send and receive messages and track your progress.
Share your suitability
Show your passport in person or provide a secure one off link to parents or prospective employers to view your passport online, instantly demonstrating your suitability.
Always remain Checked. Safe. Ready.
The Simple RAG traffic lights indicate your suitability. Get notifications when new checks are required or need to be updated.
Take control of your data
Grant permission for new checks to be undertaken or your passport to be shared, whilst notifications show who's viewed or shared your data.
Everything.....in ONE place
Never have to search for your DBS certificate or qualifications ever again. All your data is stored securely in one digital space, accessible in an instant.
Be a part of the future
Help revolutionise safer recruitment. Demonstrate your commitment to the safety and welfare of every child. Join a true 21st century workforce.
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