A little bit about Safeguard-Me
It's a secure digital application that enables organisations working with children and vulnerable adults to record, update, maintain and confidentially share essential pre-employment vetting information. The platform provides peace of mind that all staff are checked, safe and ready to work with children
The problem we face today
Despite rigorous legislation and high-profile case history, there are still too many poorly checked or un-vetted individuals working and volunteering with children and vulnerable adults. Sex crimes committed by adults in positions of trust have increased by more than 80 per cent since 2014, according to official figures released by NSPCC in November 2017.

We all need the peace of mind that our children are in safe hands when out of our sight. We need to trust that whoever is teaching, coaching or caring for them are checked, safe and ready to do so. Safeguard-Me provides that assurance by offering a complete digital vetting solution for every individual and organisation working with children and vulnerable adults.

Help us potentially save a child's life. (Too exaggerated??)
Simple to use
Our longstanding background lets us an opportunity to manage projects of any kind of complexity degree.
Keep track of staff
Every client is unique. We develop personal conceptions for every new project.
Peace of mind
Our company works offcially only and give all kinds of our servies guaratees.
Latest safeguarding technology
All members of the team have best practicies background in developement, design and marketing.
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